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Resolution 1.2 Passed!



For Consideration by the National Latino Congreso
Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
Author: Sara Mendoza Presented by Yaneth Rodriguez and Carmen Amaya
Organization: Los Angeles Indigenous Peoples’ Alliance (LAIPA)
Phone: (323) 221-0712
Title: Resolution to universally support Latino and Indigenous Peoples’ Community Relations.

Whereas, Latinos share common ancestry with Indigenous Peoples of the Americas and both our communities acknowledge and respect our cultures,

Whereas, we have been commonly impacted by historical trauma and colonization, our common history has discriminated against indigenous identity and rights,

Whereas, Indigenous families access and participate in Latino spaces;

Whereas, those who stand in the way of progress and equality for our communities also have a lot in common with each other, and

Therefore be it resolved, that the Latino Congreso commit to support indigenous peoples’ identity, work and participation that have historically been closed to our community.

Therefore, let it be resolved that the Latino Congreso and participants undertake new efforts to end remnants of colonization and assimilation on indigenous people in our distinct communities.

Therefore be it resolved that the Congreso will support Indigenous peoples’ self-determination.

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