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Our Values

The foundation of our work is our cultures- distinct indigenous cultures that allow our communities to have a cosmo vision unique yet based on a relationship with mother earth, fire, water, creator, and creation story. This culture provides a strategy and method in addressing the root cause of unhealthy communities.

We value our truth and everyone’s’ truth to health and justice. We based our path on self determination as individuals, families and nations. Truth is a core value for LAIPA.

As an organization, we feel that we must all hold personal and collective discipline in our core. The community counts on our word and is the first to hold us accountable. We must be stead fast in our work. No excuses.

LAIPA must function in full relationship with community. All of our work must be first identified as a need by our community. Within this value we work for community education and organization.
We must listen and always meet community where it’s at.



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